Mia, our mascot, beckoning other memes to join memeunity!

Social media, the great revolution that exploded more than a decade ago, has proven to be a strong tool that can connect people from all over the world, regardless of their distance. We’d all gather online in groups and have fun, send funny cat videos, share YouTube music videos, and it was just beautiful.

Fast forward a few years ahead and social media is now the world’s #1 home to toxicity and anxiety. A place that, instead of helping you relax and communicate with friends and family, has instead made you envious and ashamed of yourself for not being as…

Mia analyzing her trades using DEXTools.io

You’ve read right, memers — we’ve just become partners in crime with none other than everyone’s beloved DEXTools, the world’s top decentralized exchange analytical set of tools that every investor and trader relies on.

We’ve been brewing for this partnership a while ago, to be honest, and it’s a great milestone for memeunity to reach now that it’s finally official. Our partnership is the beginning of a deep relationship bound to grow and go deeper further and further as time passes, as we have a lot of plans to nurture our relationship with our friends at DEXT.

This relationship had…

Hey memers! We hope you’ve survived the dip so far with the current market correction. It’s been a brutal week for all of us, but thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help patch up the wounds incurred by the crash.

Let’s dive right into it!

  1. STAKING Round 2 with Ferrum Network
  2. TosDis Staking
  3. $MUU Replacement ($MIA)
  4. $DANK Purchases for Cards
  5. Thanking our HODlers
  6. Growing Beyond Ethereum


As the title suggests, we’re going to open the second round for Ferrum Network staking, but there’s a twist. Given the market conditions, we’ve…

Hello, memers!

We’re terribly sorry, but Citadel will have to undergo one last delay before the final push, and before you take out the meme pitchforks, hear us out;

MU Citadel is not being delayed for technical issues but rather due to the market sentiment we’re seeing at the time of the supposed release of the marketplace. If you take a look at any chart, you’ll see red candles everywhere.

When we launched MUGen during another market crash, our $DANK token actually took a dive in market value, and it hurt a lot of our members who have been waiting…

A Citadel For All (Explaining MU Citadel)

Sneak Peek into our first buyable NFTs.

Hello, memers! It’s been a while.

We wanted to kick off May with a bunch of cool events, although development has taken its toll on most of our manpower in preparations for our MU Citadel launch! Which brings us to this update on Medium. We’d like to cover what MU Citadel is, why we’re quite invested in it as a project, and what we envision for it in the future. Here goes!

    The core goal behind MU Citadel has always been to make it the world’s first interconnected marketplace…

4/20 DANK’IN

Hello, memers. This is the continuation of a tweet a lot of you haven’t understood:

Hello, memers.

It’s been a while since our last Medium post, but we’ve got a lot of things brewing behind the scenes. Let’s get this started, shall we?

First things first, we’re going to unfortunately have to delay the Citadel’s launch by 2 more weeks, and our current launch date is set for May 15th. We understand that some of you may be disappointed by this delay, but we assure you it’s for everyone’s best interest. Our Citadel is looking great, you can see for yourself in the demo here. …

We are more than happy to announce our latest strategic partnership! We’re confident that many of our followers will have heard about UREEQA, a leading blockchain-based company that enables artists and content creators to validate their content online, meaning that they can copyright-protect their online possessions thanks to UREEQA!

We’re pretty sure you all know where this partnership is going. Since we are empowering content creators by giving them a platform where they can freely unleash their creativity without being restricted by annoying advertiser-friendly rules, we can also allow them, as well as our normal users who are interested in…


Hello, memers! First and foremost, happy Easter! We hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays, and are excited for this awesome month. We believe that April is going to be one of the best months for memeunity, and we’d like to kick it off by officially starting the meme wars.

So, what is this?

The Meme Wars will be a monthly event that we start on the 1st of every month (except this April, lol) — and we intend to keep it running for at least a year. …

The future looks bright for Mia & MU.

Hey there, memers! It’s been some time. We wanted to discuss a few things with you all. First and foremost, we’ve been prioritizing the way we’d like our community to interact together and participate in cool events, and we’ve been preparing our marketing force to prepare for the upcoming updates, most notably our staking platform with Ferrum Network and with TosDis Finance. So here’s the digest;

  1. Refining our brand
  2. Staking progress
  3. New partnership
  4. Community activities

Refining our brand

You got that right. You’ll start noticing that our logo has changed a bit, but not entirely. We’re sticking to our true brand of the…


Social media reinvented with the power of dankness!

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