Mia, our mascot, beckoning other memes to join memeunity!

Social media, the great revolution that exploded more than a decade ago, has proven to be a strong tool that can connect people from all over the world, regardless of their distance. …

Hello memers!

Something grand’s been cooking for a while. Something we never wanted to announce until the time was right because many would’ve doubted our intentions, but now with all confidence we’re happy to make a huge unveiling, to prove to everyone just how hard we’ve been working on making…

Mia analyzing her trades using DEXTools.io

You’ve read right, memers — we’ve just become partners in crime with none other than everyone’s beloved DEXTools, the world’s top decentralized exchange analytical set of tools that every investor and trader relies on.

We’ve been brewing for this partnership a while ago, to be honest, and it’s a great…

Hello, memers!

We’re terribly sorry, but Citadel will have to undergo one last delay before the final push, and before you take out the meme pitchforks, hear us out;

MU Citadel is not being delayed for technical issues but rather due to the market sentiment we’re seeing at the time…

A Citadel For All (Explaining MU Citadel)

Sneak Peek into our first buyable NFTs.

Hello, memers! It’s been a while.

We wanted to kick off May with a bunch of cool events, although development has taken its toll on most of our manpower in preparations for our MU Citadel launch! Which brings us to this update on…

We are more than happy to announce our latest strategic partnership! We’re confident that many of our followers will have heard about UREEQA, a leading blockchain-based company that enables artists and content creators to validate their content online, meaning that they can copyright-protect their online possessions thanks to UREEQA!



Hello, memers! First and foremost, happy Easter! We hope you’ve all enjoyed the holidays, and are excited for this awesome month. We believe that April is going to be one of the best months for memeunity, and we’d like to kick it off by officially starting the meme wars.



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