A Citadel For All (Explaining MU Citadel)

Sneak Peek into our first buyable NFTs.

Hello, memers! It’s been a while.

We wanted to kick off May with a bunch of cool events, although development has taken its toll on most of our manpower in preparations for our MU Citadel launch! Which brings us to this update on Medium. We’d like to cover what MU Citadel is, why we’re quite invested in it as a project, and what we envision for it in the future. Here goes!

    The core goal behind MU Citadel has always been to make it the world’s first interconnected marketplace that allows interoperability between any blockchain network that supports NFT minting. What that means is that MU Citadel will eventually support ALL blockchain networks and allow users to move their minted NFTs across networks through Citadel itself, making it their only necessary marketplace. Right now, the first two confirmed blockchain networks we plan to integrate as soon as possible are PhantasmaChain and Binance Smart Chain. As we move forward, you can expect some announcements related to more blockchain networks as we keep updating our marketplace.
  • Helping NFT-invested Companies:
    A lot of companies struggle with the creation of NFTs because of the hassle behind it and the fact that they’d probably opt to make their own marketplace rather than do what artists do and just mint on other marketplaces. However, Citadel offers a more business-focused approach for other blockchain-based companies. We save them a tremendous amount of money by setting up shop for them on our marketplace, allowing them to have a dedicated section where any crypto user can browse their cards/items and buy as they please. This gives other blockchain companies the same bridge we’ve got, allowing their users to enjoy the liberty of having their NFTs on any network they please.
  • GIFs & Animated NFTs:
    We’d never forget about beloved GIFs. Soon enough, MUGen will allow users to create GIFs and animated NFTs. Our main hassle at the moment is creating an optimal cropping system that will fit our memeunity-themed template over them so they can be listed on our marketplace and be part of our tier system. We’ll release a dev update surrounding progress in this area relatively soon.

All in all, the Citadel project is unique because we want it to allow everyone to access their favorite networks. We hope to eventually create the ultimate synchronized NFT experience in the world, but until then, expect a large amount of consistent updates to both MUGen & MU Citadel. We want to enable users, not only ours, but those from any blockchain network and anyone at all. Expect a lot more from us this May, ladies and gents.

We’ll talk to you again soon.

Stay awesome, memers. ❤



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