Citadel Release Information

Hello, memers!

We’re terribly sorry, but Citadel will have to undergo one last delay before the final push, and before you take out the meme pitchforks, hear us out;

MU Citadel is not being delayed for technical issues but rather due to the market sentiment we’re seeing at the time of the supposed release of the marketplace. If you take a look at any chart, you’ll see red candles everywhere.

When we launched MUGen during another market crash, our $DANK token actually took a dive in market value, and it hurt a lot of our members who have been waiting for this day to be able to profit a little from their investment, which we totally understand and are grateful for the fact that they chose our token for their investment.

We do not wish to repeat this for the sake of our community, hence this delay, but since we’re delaying Citadel any way, it would be better to have it launch with BSC integration on day 1 rather than an added update, because ETH fees for minting are currently ridiculously stupid, and we sincerely doubt that most of our users would utilize Citadel because of the minting fees.

In the meantime, we’ll announce the next staking rounds opening up with up to 200% API returns so that our users can utilize some of our products before the launch of Citadel, and we’ll be sure to announce the final (for real) deadline for our marketplace once ready.

We ask our community to remember the scope of what we’re trying to build and how complex it is, but most importantly how beneficial it is to the crypto space, and we ask you to be excited for what Citadel will be packing! Polkadot integration is also inbound, and the sky is literally the limit here.

Thank you to all of our supporters, and we promise to do our absolute best and deliver the best products you’ll have ever used in the crypto space.

Stay awesome, memers.



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