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6 min readDec 30, 2020


Mia, our mascot, beckoning other memes to join memeunity!

Social media, the great revolution that exploded more than a decade ago, has proven to be a strong tool that can connect people from all over the world, regardless of their distance. We’d all gather online in groups and have fun, send funny cat videos, share YouTube music videos, and it was just beautiful.

Fast forward a few years ahead and social media is now the world’s #1 home to toxicity and anxiety. A place that, instead of helping you relax and communicate with friends and family, has instead made you envious and ashamed of yourself for not being as cool as Chad. What’s the difference between you and Chad? Well, it’s simple.

In Chad’s case, he has:

  1. A muscular body
  2. A girlfriend
  3. No virginity
  4. Cool friends
  5. Money
  6. Athletic skills

But you see yourself as McLovin, who has:

  1. Useless knowledge of history
  2. Useless knowledge of physics
  3. Incredible editing skills for memes
  4. Your virginity
  5. A taste of music that nobody likes

And so when you see Chad on Instagram or Facebook, or even Twitter, you immediately feel like your very existence is pointless. Instead of browsing your favorite memes on your news feed, you immediately see Chad’s abs next to his girlfriend in her bikini, and he captions the photo with: “KOOL DAY WID MA GURL, YOOOO” — truly a sad moment for you.

But, see, that’s the problem. While social media started out as something with an amazing purpose, and they did serve that purpose for quite a while, we as humans are naturally flawed with the desire of wanting what others have. And that’s a critical problem on our end. Unfortunately, it’s quite impossible to stop every living human from thinking that way, and so most of us are now more focused on the likes, the followers, the subs, whatever it is that makes you feel important and acknowledged.

And this problem is elevated with how social media itself was built: around likes, dislikes, subs, followers, and all those useless sources of “validation”, as some would perceive them.

The question now is quite simple: Is there a way to stop this from happening? And the short answer is: nope.

Social media is inherently built on validation, and humans won’t change, and so the cycle continues, as it starts to even affect people physically, leading them to their deaths at some points, or severe pain, all for the sake of a cool TikTok video or an Instagram selfie that would make them feel validated. What do they get in return? The likes. That’s it. Oh, and being considered “cool” amongst the likes of Chad.

The problem is, Chad was always ignorant. The only thing he had was his muscles and good looks, but other than that, he’s practically quite useless in any scenario whatsoever, while McLovin has all the skills and knowledge to do a lot of cool things, such as building a computer, fixing hardware, making memes, creating digital content, having fun with video games, whatever it is.

I consider myself a McLovin, and I’d never want to be a Chad, because Chad is just, well… Chad. That’s all there is to him, but we don’t know that, because social media has been designed as a mirror that only reflects what people want to be seen about them, in order to hide all their flaws and issues.

With no real way to end this cycle, we simply asked ourselves a few questions that led us to a grand revelation:

  1. Why do we use social media when we’re not communicating with friends & family?
  2. When we feel sad or depressed, what do we do?
  3. How can we find an alternative to current social media platforms?

The answers were quite simple. We use social media to find something that relieves us from stress, like memes, or funny animal videos. When we feel sad or depressed, we immediately turn to comedy or something that could make us relax, like laughing with friends over a video game.

And the alternative to current social media platforms? Well, we just ditch it altogether and set our eyes towards a new generation of media, one that we like to name Interactive Media, and that’s where our solution comes in: memeunity!

The lowercase text wasn’t a typo, btw. We’re just memeunity, lol.

In any case, what is memeunity, and how can it solve the problem we’ve bored everyone to death with since the start of this article? It’s fairly simple. If we go back to when humans were butt-naked, actually, no. If we go back to when humans were incredibly sexist towards women, also known as the Middle Ages, or even a bit before then, we’d realize that at times of peril, across all the ages, people would turn to comedy, which back then was a bunch of jesters and comedy plays that people could watch to relieve themselves from stress.

Mind you, this era was full of plagues, wars, and things that would make people frightened for eternity, so their only source of escape was through laughing together and bonding over something that makes them giggle. Just that, hence the word “escapism” — we try to escape from our worries through laughter.

Fast forward and you still see the same thing. If political matters are arising in the US, for example, many people will immediately turn to the likes of John Oliver or SNL to laugh at what’s happening, because comedians have always been playing a crucial role in making people feel safe, and people turn to comedians whenever they feel endangered, as they seem to be the only logical voice at such times, unlike politicians.

People turned to Dave Chapelle during the Black Lives Matter crisis of 2020, a comedian who has nothing to do with politics, but they did so because they knew that regardless of the comedic factor, this human being had value to provide in his voice, and that’s why comedy, while seeming trivial from an initial assumption, can actually have a much deeper meaning if it’s delivered properly.

With memeunity, we realized that the world needs more love. More joy and happiness. We need to be bound by something that we can all understand regardless of our languages and cultures, such as a dog walking on their feet. That’s funny for everyone regardless of their mother language, no? Comedy and laughter have the power to unite cultures no matter where they are, and this is why we’re trying to make it different.

memeunity is an Interactive Media platform. It’s a form of media that we’re inventing to make sure there’s no such thing as caring about likes, followers and all of that stuff. We don’t want to lose our path and find ourselves doing the same thing as Facebook & Twitter, and so we must be different. Our difference lies in the fact that memeunity’s IM (Interactive Media) platform relies on achievements and a dynamic shift in the platform itself, meaning that nothing is fixed and stable. Everything will change and you will be rewarded for what you do yourself.

But still, what is memeunity? It’s simply a mixture of the best of all worlds. It looks like social media, but it’s not. It focuses on sharing memes in all forms, and that’s the core concept behind it. It allows you to interact with your friends, even family, since there’s a place for boomers too, and it does it in a way that will allow you to actually relax. You’ll be able to find your favorite meme compilations, make your own memes, share them, and so much more!

memeunity is also a safe haven for content creators whose careers were ruined thanks to YouTube’s ad-friendly policies, and their BS copyright strikes. We are building a safe haven for everyone to relax, regardless of what their interests are. No matter your profession or hobbies, you’ll find an entire section of memes dedicated to just that. It’s similar to Reddit’s subreddit system, but for memes instead.

There’s so much we’d love to convey in this article, but for now, know that there’s a new platform on the horizon. We’ll be writing more articles that explain how memeunity will work, how we’re funding it, and what we plan to do in the very near future.

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To memeunity and beyond!




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