Let the meme games begin ($100 weekly award)

Froggity frog, frog?

Hey y’all! It’s been a wild ride with yesterday’s news. Yes, we’re having the first ever Token Generation Event (TGE) on Phantasma, and yes, it’s the first time ever for this to happen. We’re finally taking major steps towards the future of memeunity.

But that’s not the focus for today’s post. It’s actually something we owed to all of our fellow memebers (won’t stop, sorry) — the meme contest! We promised we’d start hosting a series of meme contests and have cool awards for them, but in order for this to work out well, we need to set up a few ground rules:

  1. Starting today, everything related to memeunity will start counting based on something called a “weekly reset”, which is when everything we set to a timer would reset and start all over again. The weekly reset will apply to our vesting transactions, contests, and literally everything MU related. The reset is going to be every single Monday at 4 PM UTC, and that’s the day when we announce one lucky winner of $100 in ETH for having the best meme.
  2. Winning memes will be chosen by the community, not us. After everyone submits their memes, we’re going to put the memes to a vote and let the winner be decided on Telegram every Sunday, a day before the reset. This means every single Monday at 4 PM UTC, you can start submitting your memes until Saturday 4 PM UTC, and we’ll start preparing the memes and the voting system so that on Sunday, no new entries show up that make it harder to decide on the winner. And the cycle will continue with every new reset!
  3. To participate, you must share the meme on Twitter, tag @thememeunity, and send the link of your meme to this form: https://forms.gle/R9epKtxyB6MmPcwJ9 — that’s it! Any meme that is sent after Saturday’s deadline will be disregarded and counted for next week’s contest instead.

That’s it! First place will get $100 in ETH and 500 DANK. Second place gets 250 DANK and third place will get 100 DANK. Unleash your creativity, and show us the power of your memes!

The contest will start counting after the next reset on Monday 4 PM UTC, but any submissions before it begins will be allowed as an exception for the first week only.

Stay awesome, memers. ❤

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