memeunity x Orchid VPN

Mia with her new buddy, Paula from Orchid.

We teased you all about the flowers, and we were right to do so. If any of you thought of the orchid, then you’re right, we’re partnering with Orchid VPN, one of the absolute best and most impressive decentralized VPN services in the world right now.

They have shown time and time again how efficient their VPN service can be, and we at memeunity knew before we even touched development that once our main network went live, a lot of countries might ban us right off the bat due to our platform’s nature, and we don’t want our friends from other countries to feel left out, or to have to use a privacy-invading VPN that could expose them, which is why partnering with Orchid makes perfect sense for us.

But that’s not everything! We’ll be handing out some free Orchid accounts that are pre-charged with OXT tokens to a number of our users so they can enjoy free VPN surfing on our memeunity-related projects. This may seem a bit early, but we wanted to future-proof the project so that nobody would miss out once we launch our platform.

Expect a number of meme contests, special artwork, and more to be surrounding this amazing partnership.

Stay awesome, memers. ❤