memeunity x Pawtocol: Let loose thy NFTs

Mia with a bunch of cuties.

It’s time to break our silence! We’ve teased you guys a lot about this partnership in particular and even hid clues in our artwork so you’d investigate more about our plans and what we are up to!

It’s official. We’re partnering up with Pawtocol, who is shaking the pet industry once and for all by merging the powers of blockchain technology and decentralization for our cute, furry (and non-furry, of course) pets.

They are empowering and enabling pet owners and the community, with the necessary tools such as their Blockchain Pet Tag to always keep their pets safe and easy to find in case they are lost.

Plus, the plant-based Blockchain Pet Tag and their line of bioplastic pet toys are contributing to a major shift to the entire pet industry itself, in a sustainable, green manner.

We at memeunity are fascinated by the concept and vision of Pawtocol and immediately see an opportunity as partners while developing MU Citadel, or rather, our NFT Citadel concept.

This partnership will go quite deep, and we will be planning to expand our collaborations in a manner that a lot of our community members will enjoy.

We’re also laying the first foundational stone for our partnership by having Pawtocol as our first blockchain company to have their own section on our MU Citadel, as well as, offering the Pawtocol nation NFT accessibility, their own category, and a section where both Pawtocol’s team and the community backing them can easily trade on MU Citadel.

We’re also implementing a double reward system that allows Pawtocol’s community members to receive MUU rewards for every transaction they make on our marketplace, provided it’s related to Pawtocol.

We stand by Pawtocol’s vision of being the most advanced pet technology company in the world, and we plan to back them all the way, as we know for a fact that it’s one of the few projects out there that can make a significant difference in the blockchain industry.

There’s a bright future behind this partnership, and we’re more than happy to be part of that journey with them, together.

Stay awesome, memers and Pawtocol nation. ❤




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Social media reinvented with the power of dankness!

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