memeunity x UREEQA

We are more than happy to announce our latest strategic partnership! We’re confident that many of our followers will have heard about UREEQA, a leading blockchain-based company that enables artists and content creators to validate their content online, meaning that they can copyright-protect their online possessions thanks to UREEQA!

We’re pretty sure you all know where this partnership is going. Since we are empowering content creators by giving them a platform where they can freely unleash their creativity without being restricted by annoying advertiser-friendly rules, we can also allow them, as well as our normal users who are interested in minting their memes into NFTs on our social network, to validate and protect the rights of their creations on our platform, especially because due to the volatility of this industry, it’s going to be fairly common for original works to be taken without credit being given where it’s due.

But have no fear! The way we’ll be incorporating UREEQA’s technology in our platform will not prevent creators from utilizing the creative work of other artists to produce something unique, but it preserves the ownership of who originally created the content, and will allow us to create a more “fair” allocation of monetization once we roll out how we’ll hand those out later on in Q3.

We’re incredibly excited about this partnership and believe that this is going to be the beginning of something magical and memeworthy, so buckle up, memers, as we venture into the future of social media!

Stay awesome. ❤



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