MU: The Comeback

6 min readOct 22, 2021


Hello memers!

Something grand’s been cooking for a while. Something we never wanted to announce until the time was right because many would’ve doubted our intentions, but now with all confidence we’re happy to make a huge unveiling, to prove to everyone just how hard we’ve been working on making MU great again (this article will be full of memes and puns, so please don’t kill me) —

We’ll cover a number of critical points, and be warned, this is a fairly long post, so buckle up, enjoy the ride, and make sure to join in on the conversation in Telegram. (


  1. What Went Wrong
  2. What We Were Doing
  3. Why We Were Silent
  4. Prepared Announcements
  5. What The Future Holds For The Collective
Zac the Lizard


Plenty of mistakes were done, and most of them are to be blamed on the CEO, Eyad Khaled himself, due to an oversight in the company’s structure, which ultimately led to severe delays in our main product, — and the fact that certain team members were not properly oriented to care about the company, and instead ultimately misreported information that led to a severe financial loss and collapse in market value afterwards. (9o% down from ATH)

But you guys know that story. You’ve seen the Roadmap Update video, but there’s much more to it than that, as we were planning a significant push for September, where we had prepared a portion of a new NFT collection (see below) that we were going to launch to promote Citadel, but unfortunately, our lead artist got extremely sick to the point where she was no longer able to work on anything, and that project was put on pause until we expanded the team and hired more artists.

MU’s In Progress NFT Collection

Add to that the fact that Citadel’s updates were also halted as we lost 90% of our dev team, with only one developer staying back then due to a major drop in our funds and the need to preserve it. It looked like this was indeed the end of MU, and to be frank with you, anyone else would’ve given up at this point. But not us. Not once. Why? Because we were ready for this collapse.

MU, before being conceived as an idea back in 2020’s August, was a brilliant idea, and still is. There’s not a single company trying to achieve what we want to achieve. However, Eysidimus, the cofounder, had a hunch that MU would face a major turbulence that could kill it in the future. No idea what that problem may have been, but was aware it would happen. This is why another company was built, just as a concept, right before MU was launched to the public. That company, is Yarloo.

MU’s team as Yarloo characters.


With funds running low and no way to get MU back on its feet, lack of staff members, and a major setback, we understood that there were only two available options ahead of us.

  • Let MU’s Story End Here
  • Try and Pull a Hail Mary

We went with the Hail Mary option.

We restructured the team, and thanks to those who stayed as they believed in our dream, everything started moving forward, to extents we personally never imagined.

We’ve been working on a multitude of MU products, while also developing Yarloo’s, and building its ecosystem. We’ve made a lot of friends over this journey in the past 3 months, friends who were kind enough to have faith in us, and understand how passionate we were about getting MU back, while also building another company that can save it through its revenue. is an extremely unique project, and a great take in the world of P2E and NFT gaming. Its ecosystem will benefit everyone who uses it, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. The business model we built for Yarloo ensures that gradually, we’ll be able to generate a respectable income, which we can use a percentage of to refill MU’s funds and onboard new CEX listing, and a BSC or Polygon listing while we migrate away from ETH (gas is killing everyone).

We’ve been incredibly fortunate, because thanks to the new team members we found, the misfits, the degens, we were able to achieve what we couldn’t with the original team over 9 months — which is a miracle, and something that humbles us. Yarloo managed to raise 2 million dollars, and is backed by a plethora of reputable VCs and launchpads — and powerful partners. Our wizard of a CMO, Marco Colaco, has significantly helped change the fate of not just Yarloo, but also MU, and our holding company as well (more on that below) thanks to the new marketing power we gained, and exposure to new partners.

Battle-Hardened Mia


With most of our investors at a loss in MU, we were aware that many would’ve never believed us if we told them about starting up Yarloo and that we’d never abandon MU after we raised its funds and started building it. It could’ve sabotaged our progress with Yarloo, and ultimately hurt our investors there, while also destroying any chance of restoring MU back to ATH and new milestones to be achieved.

We also couldn’t announce the internal conflict that happened which caused a major setback as it would’ve only made more people leave or lose hope — we knew we had to maintain silence temporarily, even if it looked bad, or if it caused us trouble, but it was the only way we could’ve maintained MU for just long enough until we can finally start pushing it forward. And that time is, thankfully, now.

Hopeful Mia


Over this week, we’ll be pushing daily announcements that will benefit MU significantly, and its community. We’re starting with the first few today, and then daily updates.

We’re also dedicating ourselves, and making a commitment, to provide consistent updates on progress, including downfalls — because now more than ever, we don’t want to EVER find ourselves in the same spot again. We’ve been granted a second chance, and our gamble paid off. It’s time for both communities, MU and Yarloo, to benefit.

Here are some of the things we’ll be announcing:

  1. New Team Members
  2. Major website updates to reflect progress
  3. Ditching the whitepaper and adopting a new Lightpaper for info
  4. Catchy song to promote MU
  5. New Social Hub for devlogs & updates
  6. MUVault Beta
  7. Large Press Coverage for MU & Yarloo

We’re going to do A LOT thanks to the emergence of Yarloo, and the restoration of MU. Nothing but awesomeness ahead.

Tiny Mia


Blkbirds Collective. This is what we call the holding company which owns both Yarloo and MU — a conglomerate that aims to shift the tides in the crypto space, empower decentralization, and enable businesses and users alike in this space.

There’s more we’d like to talk about regarding Blkbirds, but for now, until the foundation of that company is settled, know that we’re doing a lot, consistently, and are going to ensure that every single company that is built under Blkbird’s wings, is going to prosper as part of one large ecosystem that feeds into one another.

The future of MU is bright yet again, but this time, it’s planning to stay bright. Stay awesome, memers, and keep your eyes peeled. Way, way more is coming ahead.




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