New Citadel Launch Date & MU Gen’s Release

Hello, memers.

It’s been a while since our last Medium post, but we’ve got a lot of things brewing behind the scenes. Let’s get this started, shall we?

First things first, we’re going to unfortunately have to delay the Citadel’s launch by 2 more weeks, and our current launch date is set for May 15th. We understand that some of you may be disappointed by this delay, but we assure you it’s for everyone’s best interest. Our Citadel is looking great, you can see for yourself in the demo here. But we’re looking for a powerful first impression, and because of this project’s complexity, we decided to give our dev team 2 more weeks to polish it up and have it looking even better for a kickass launch.

But that’s not all. We promised that there was something else brewing in the mix, and it’s called MUGEN, or muGEN, whichever you prefer. It’s the meme generator we promised to launch this August. You must be wondering… why the hell are we launching it now instead?

Our roadmap in the website is currently dated and requires some further changing, but what’s happening is that we’re switching deadlines. The only thing that remains the same is our target for the end of the year when it comes to launching the main social network of memeunity, the grand milestone we’ve been building up to since day one.

With this being said, we’ll continue to gradually release information about what’s coming up next, and will continue to do our best when it comes to interacting with our memers. Here’s to an epic, memeful future!

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