Our tokenomics are being remodeled

You got that right. We’re making changes to our tokenomics, and before you freak out, it’s not how it sounds.

After checking our circulating supply and realizing how many DANK tokens will be circulating after our vesting process ends, we realized that the best thing to do now is to offer our community a far more efficient token allocation to preserve our staking reserves the most. So here’s what we’ll be doing now:

  1. Team tokens will be decreased from 10 million DANK to only 5 million DANK.
  2. Staking reserves will be increased from 10 million DANK to 20 million DANK.
  3. Development funds will be decreased from 5 million DANK to 1 million DANK.
  4. Marketing funds will be decreased from 5 million DANK to 1 million DANK.
  5. 700,000 DANK tokens from Phantasma’s token sale will be burned.
  6. Approximately 2 million additional DANK tokens will be burned.
  7. We’re allocating the remaining 5 million DANK to a special reserve in the case we need them for more staking, etc.

We’re also coordinating with Ferrum Network to ensure that our staking platform goes live this month, and it definitely seems like this will be the case. We’ll follow up on this article with an official release of our staking platform APY rates, available pools, and durations.

See you soon, awesome memers. ❤