Patching Wounds & Rewarding HODlers

Hey memers! We hope you’ve survived the dip so far with the current market correction. It’s been a brutal week for all of us, but thankfully, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to help patch up the wounds incurred by the crash.

Let’s dive right into it!

  1. STAKING Round 2 with Ferrum Network
  2. TosDis Staking
  3. $MUU Replacement ($MIA)
  4. $DANK Purchases for Cards
  5. Thanking our HODlers
  6. Growing Beyond Ethereum


As the title suggests, we’re going to open the second round for Ferrum Network staking, but there’s a twist. Given the market conditions, we’ve decided to increase the duration of Phase 1 staking (up to 200% APY) to the WHOLE DURATION of 2021. This means every single staking round with Ferrum Network that we open up this year will always have a 200% APY, but there’s a caveat. When the year ends, we’ll skip to Phase 3 right away and ignore Phase 2, which is going to be the permanent APY system we’ll put in place.

Moreover, the staking window with Ferrum Network will be made available for a whole month to give everyone enough time to stake their DANK and benefit from it the most.

TosDis Staking:

TosDis Staking will go live immediately after the second round with Ferrum Network closes, and it will be available forever until the reserves have depleted and we will likely replace DANK staking with our secondary token after this happens.


Yes! That’s why we’ve been delaying the airdrop. $MUU tokens will be discontinued and removed completely, and instead we’ll be deploying $MIA, our replacement for $MUU, on Binance Smart Chain and adding a liquidity farming option for our users on PancakeSwap. Since our funds cannot allow us to add liquidity ourselves initially, we’ll be doing our best to gradually add small increments until we reach a nice liquidity in $BNB tokens. We’re planning to launch $MIA incredibly soon, and will be writing a standalone article that goes into more detail for what we plan for $MIA to become, and why we’re discontinuing $MUU tokens. Everyone who was supposed to receive $MUU airdrops will instead be receiving $MIA as well.


We’ll re-release our cards again, but this time with $DANK as a payment option, as requested by our community.


We’d like to thank everyone who held their $DANK during one of the bloodiest crypto corrections ever witnessed before. We feel awful for you and we promise to deliver fantastic products that will show more green in your portfolio from our side, but until this happens, do accept a set of LIMITED-EDITION NFT cards with special borders that are will only be sent to everyone who held a minimum of 10,000 DANK tokens between May 15th and May 31st. We love you, and your support and patience means the world for us.


A plan is set in motion, and our developers know where they’ll be headed next when Citadel is built with the BSC integration. We will work on making $DANK and $MIA fully interoperable between as many blockchain networks as possible. The first on the road will be Binance Smart Chain, and then we’ll see whether Cardano or Polkadot would be where we adapt our tokens further. We won’t stop with this bridge until users from every single blockchain network can access our tokens without having to use other networks they don’t prefer.

Before we end this update, though, do know this… we’ve confirmed 2 new partners ;) — One will give you privacy, the other will give DANK new utilities. More on this soon!

That’s it for this update, memers. We thank you for your continued support and patience. Expect a lot more news before May’s end, as we’re making a lot of fundamental changes to our company, crypto and non-crypto approaches, and how we’ll expand moving forward.

Stay safe, take care, and stay awesome, memers! ❤



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