Presale Date & Whitelisting Announcement

It took us a while, but it’s finally happening. THE PRESALE IS HAPPENING! And following it next will be our public sale. This means we’re a few weeks away from finally listing on Uniswap and taking memes to the moon. So! Our presale is happening on…

Sunday, February 28th — 4 PM UTC.

So, the presale will be divided into two different locations:

  1. Phantasma’s Blockchain
  2. Ethereum Blockchain

We’re going to explain how to participate in both cases, but we strongly recommend taking Phantasma’s route as it has MUU rewards and will cost less fees in general.

  • Phantasma’s TGE Requirements & Process:

We’re going to ensure a few things to prevent whales from overbuying the tokens. We’ll be applying a whitelisting system that’s not too tight, but also useful to give everyone easy access into our presale and public sales without having to worry about a ton of whales ruining the sale. Here’s how our sale with Phantasma will work:

  • Every participant who wants to participate will need to convert the funds they desire to use into SOUL tokens. We recommend using KuCoin for that. The minimum amount would be 1,250 SOUL, so make sure that’s the minimum amount of SOUL you’re holding in your Phantasma wallet (Ecto or Poltergeist).
  • Participants will have to fill a Google form that asks for their wallets (the ones they will use to invest & receive their tokens from Phantasma) — and these forms will require their email address to prevent spammers and bots, and will also request the Telegram ID for the participants. Fill the form now here: (emails list will be deleted after the end of the public sale)
  • Participants who have bought from the private round will be blacklisted, meaning that the total allocation they purchased will be logged, and if anyone had passed the maximum cap per participant is not going to be able to invest at all, as nobody should be able to invest over $25,000 over all rounds, and not just per round.
  • That’s it! Remember that the minimum purchase amount in the presale will be 1,250 SOUL . The minimum in the public sale, however, will be just 100 SOUL to allow everyone easy access into the sale.
  • Ethereum-based Presale Requirements & Process:

For investors who won’t be able to go through Phantasma’s TGE, all you have to do is follow the following requirements:

  • Participants will need to use the following Google form to take part in our limited allocation for ERC-20 wallets:
  • Please be sure to include the transaction link in the form or otherwise the process will be quite difficult for us.
  • Please ensure that you do not invest any less than $500 or more than $25,000 so that we don’t have to refund your funds.
  • DANK will be sent to ERC-20 participants in the same date as the participants from Phantasma’s TGE so that every investor would receive their tokens in the same day.


  1. To buy SOUL, it would be best to use KuCoin.
  2. Use an Ecto or Poltergeist wallet from
  3. Make sure you swap your SOUL to Phantasma’s Blockchain network.
  4. Read this guide to understand how these wallets work and to clear any confusions:


  1. Phantasma will introduce the ability to swap wallets and use them cross-chain before DANK is released.
  2. DANK tokens will be sent automatically to everyone who participated in both the presale and the public sale before March 15th. The reason tokens won’t be immediately transferred is to prevent any early Uniswap listing from investors (due to the large number of holders) and also to polish any necessary code to ensure a smooth distribution process for everyone.
  3. The DANK based on Phantasma’s blockchain will be possible to convert and swap to an ERC-20 wallet so that it can be used on Uniswap.
  4. Official Uniswap listing date is set to March 15th due to the same reasons we mentioned above. We will potentially list earlier depending on when we finally distribute all the tokens at once. Vesting will also start counting automatically after listing day, and all wallets will receive their tokens in the same manner per week.
  5. If anything doesn’t make sense, please contact @eysidimus or @aigars on our official Telegram group, or message us directly in the group, and we will gladly assist.
  6. If a participant uses at least 2,000 SOUL to participate in the Phantasma sale, they will receive 10,000 free MUU tokens, and then for every extra 1,000 SOUL, they receive an extra 5,000 free MUU.

We’ll further announce any necessary details. Stay awesome, memers.




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Social media reinvented with the power of dankness!

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