Public Sale Details | memeunity

The public sale is upon us! It’s the final fundraiser for memeunity, and once it’s over, we proceed to list on Uniswap on March 15th and reveal our staking plans, and what we’ve got prepared for MU Citadel.

With this being said, here are all the details you need to know about the sale:

  • Sale Price: $0.10
  • Minimum to participate: $50
  • Maximum to participate: $25,000
  • Bonuses: 5,000 MUU tokens per $2,000 investments.
  • Custom-made NFTs for anyone participating with a minimum of $10,000
  • Maximum unlocked tokens to be received: 40,000 DANK.
  • Vesting rules: 15% of locked tokens to be released every week after listing on Uniswap. Once staking platform launches with Ferrum Network, the release rate becomes 35% of tokens.
  • Sale End Date: March 14th or sooner if we sell out.

Note: Every public sale participant will be able to “claim” their unlocked tokens from the sale website once we commence distribution. Presale participants will receive theirs through Phantasma, and those who joined the presale through the ETH form will manually receive their unlocked tokens as well. Every single investor, whether they’re private, presale or public participants will receive all their unlocked tokens before we list on Uniswap, and we are willing to postpone listing if a single one might miss out.

Stay awesome, memers.

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