Rewarding our awesome memers

It’s Dankin’ time, babeh!

Hey, fellow memebers (see what I did there?) of memeunity! We’re sharing with you something super duper cool about the awesome submissions we’ve been receiving, so here’s what’s gonna happen:

We have a total of 1.25M DANK tokens set aside for our airdrop. We’ve been thinking… airdrops can be an easy way for growth, but it’s also a gate to hell if not utilized properly, since people could jump in like gorillas, get their free money, and out they go.

So instead, let’s spice things up with airdrops, and make them actually useful for both us at MU and you, our epic meme community. We’re dividing the total amount of 1.25M tokens into a group of 4 batches, one of which is going to be allocated specifically for everyone who participates in MU’s creator program.

But how will it work?

SIMPUL! (typo intended) — we’ll allocate 250,000 DANK for our meme and content creators. In January, we’ll only allocate up to 100,000 of those, and in Feburary, we’ll continue with the remaining amount. Every distribution batch will be a minimum of 500 DANK to the winners, and we’re capping those wins at 2,000 DANK, meaning that no one will be able to receive more than 2,000 DANK if they won multiple times.

In order to win your airdrop, you’re going to need to:

  1. Follow us on Twitter:
  2. Follow us on Reddit:
  3. Share your memes on Twitter and in our Telegram chat.
  4. Make sure to add the hashtag #mumemes or #memeunitymemes so we can easily find your content.
  5. The memes have to do with memeunity somehow, so unleash your creative meme lords and get to it!
  6. Submit the link to your Tweet to this form so we can easily collect the data:

The memes will be distributed on a gradual basis. We’ll start the distribution phase before the presale starts, and hopefully we’ll have distributed all the tokens prior to our Uniswap listing.

Also, whether or not you win, we’ll be doing our best to share all the memes that are being shared on Medium or Reddit whenever we can.

All the collected data will be deleted right after the distribution phase ends.

Stay awesome, memers!

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