The Journey so Far… and what lies ahead.

The future looks bright for Mia & MU.

Hey there, memers! It’s been some time. We wanted to discuss a few things with you all. First and foremost, we’ve been prioritizing the way we’d like our community to interact together and participate in cool events, and we’ve been preparing our marketing force to prepare for the upcoming updates, most notably our staking platform with Ferrum Network and with TosDis Finance. So here’s the digest;

  1. Refining our brand
  2. Staking progress
  3. New partnership
  4. Community activities

Refining our brand

You got that right. You’ll start noticing that our logo has changed a bit, but not entirely. We’re sticking to our true brand of the white mask (referring to anonymity) — but we’re spicing up our logo to ensure that we won’t need to rebrand for at least 2 years, if not entirely. Here’s what the new refined logo looks like now:

MU’s new logo

We’ll make sure to make that update on every single place that has our logo somewhere, including Coingecko and CMC once we list there, and Uniswap once we’re eligible to update our ERC-20 icon, so keep an eye out! We will also be hosting a contest about our new refined logo where 3 lucky winners will get some cool rewards.

Staking Progress

Staking is going live this month for Ferrum Network, but we won’t be allowing staking through Ferrum only. There’s also TosDis Finance, and the ability to stake for our friends on Phantasma which we’ll reveal soon (hold onto your DANK on Phantasma if you want to stake through it). Here’s what our staking platform with Ferrum looks like:

What our staking will look like. This is a work in progress page and is prone to changes.

Just remember, the launch version may look a bit different than this one, as this one is still a WIP (Work in Progress).

New Partnership

We’ve partnered with a very powerful crypto company that is going to make a major shift in the copyright industry and allow content creators to feel safe. Since memeunity’s nature lies in NFTs and memes, it makes total sense for us to make this partnership. They will be giving our users the ability to preserve their rights in the case of someone stealing their work entirely and profiting off of them. We’ll announce this partner company when the time is right.

Community Activities

We’re spicing things up for our community by introducing a number of cool activities and an awesome system for members who have been actively creating content and helping our marketing efforts and are positively helping the community. Here’s what’s up:

  1. Meme Contests Resuming: We’re resuming our weekly meme contests once again, and we’ll announce the details about it, as this time, we’ve got bigger and better plans for it! The prizes will be grander, but the tasks will be equally more challenging.
  2. Hefty Giveaways: We’ll also run a number of giveaways and contests that include MU merch and loads of awesome prizes in some of the best meme-related events that Crypto Twitter will ever see!
  3. The Meme Wars: You got that right! We’ll start introducing our first meme war on April 1st to celebrate April’s fools, and it will be a monthly-running contest with grand prizes where 3 factions are picked to fight each other through their memes in an epic meme battle that will be sung across the ages!
  4. MU’s Troops: We’re introducing an invite-only system for our most dedicated, creative community members. A MU Trooper has to be active in our community, be creative and providing content, or is generally a helpful soul that’s too caring for us not to notice. Members of this system gain access to a number of cool perks, such as:
  • Free MU’s Troops dedicated NFTs (they declare a member’s status)
  • Monthly MUU airdrops
  • Exclusive MU’s Troops group
  • A MU Trooper tag in our main communications group
  • MU Citadel fee discounts
  • Exclusive perks in every single MU related product

With that being said, the road ahead is looking bright for our team and community, and we believe that, within time, we’ll reach new heights that we could never touch before. Have faith, memers, and we’ll talk to you in the next one. Stay awesome. ❤



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